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The wait is over!

Pal Tiya Premium is now available to artists and sculptors all over Canada!

Both the Trial size boxes (1.36 Kg) and the Large bags (18.14 kg) are available to ship now. Alternatively you are welcome to arrange a pick up on Vancouver Island, BC if you will be in the area. We understand your frustrations and concerns over not being able to obtain this wonderful product in Canada until now, but your wait is finally over!

We are excited to be able to share this wonderful medium with sculptors across our country. Especially in these pandemic times, creativity and artistic expression are very therapeutic for everyone.

You’re invited to join this growing community of like minded Canadian artists- creative folks who want to make the world more fun, colourful and magical by creating enduring and durable outdoor sculptures of all sizes.

So let’s get busy and share our ideas and projects! Please use our social media accounts to share your projects, questions or comments about Pal Tiya Premium. If you are already familiar with the unlimited possibilities of PalTiya Premium creations and ready to play, have your order shipped directly to you from our Shop on Vancouver Island.

To learn more about how others are using Pal Tiya Premium, the very best articles and videos, including easy step-by-step instructions, can be found on the Pal Tiya website.