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Our weatherproof sculpting medium Pal Tiya Premium was designed by artists, for artists!
We want you to have no hesitation whatsoever about ripping your bag open and beginning to sculpt for the outdoors.

Pal Tiya Premium Is So Easy To Use

Here are a few video’s to help you on your journey!

Easy Armature Ideas
Mixing PTP
Curing PTP


Pal Tiya Premium is most effective as a strong hollow shell. This saves both time, effort and money. Build a supporting core first (Foil, foam, wire, etc). Over this, apply your coat of Pal Tiya Premium and begin sculpting.

The final total thickness of a Pal Tiya Premium sculpture is dependent on its size. Please see our SIZE, USAGE & SHAPE PDF format below. Click the picture below to download it.

Planning your Sculpture

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